Join us at the V Blueberry Conference 2017

” Quality”

This is the motto of the V Blueberry Conference. Quality, which plays an increasingly important role in today’s market. Quality, which is a showcase of each manufacturer. Quality which enables the path to the best customers. Is it easy to achieve in regard to blueberries? It turns out that not always. There are many factors which determine quality  such as variety, entire cultivation technology, picking technique and the way berries are handled after the harvest. These are the subjects that will be discussed during the V Highbush Blueberry Conference. It will be held on 2nd and 3rd March 2017. The first day of the Conference will take place in Mazurkas Hotel in Ożarów Mazowiecki. On the second day we move to open air to blueberry plantation where small/great berries are grown. Please register here.

If you are interested in growing or trading blueberries, then join us at the IV Highbush Blueberry Conference!

Program (2 March)

8.00-9.00 Delegate registration
9.00-9.15 Welcome to the 2017 Blueberry Conference
9.15-9.40 How to prepare fields and manage young blueberry plantations; Paweł Korfanty, Korfanty Nursery
9.40-9.55 Precise irrigation and fertigation of blueberries; Timo Tarkiainen, Priva – the Netherlands
9.55-10.20 The Dutch model of establishing and managing blueberry farms; Leon Schrinwerkers, Schrinwerkers Plants – the Netherlands
10.20-10.45 15+ or how to achieve high yields with perfect quality; Mariusz Podymniak –

10.45-11.00 Discussion
11.00-11.30 Networking break

11.30-11.55 The impact of farming operations and fertilization on blueberry quality; prof. Andrzej Komosa PhD, Poznań University of Life Sciences
11.55-12.10 Blueberry fertilization using Yara products; Jarosław Barszczewski – Yara Poland
12.10-12.45 Everything you need to know about blueberry fertigation. Canadian experiences; Chaim Kempler PhD, Berries and More Consulting, Canada
12.45-13.00 A new approach to blueberry fertilization with sulphur and calcium; Zbigniew Jarosz PhD, Lublin University of Life Sciences
13.00-13.15 Efficient protection of blueberries against fungal diseases; Kamil Jeziorek PhD, Syngenta Polska
13.15-13.45 Drosophila suzukii – current status and control measures in Trentino/Italy. Possibilities for biological control; Gianfranco Anfora PhD, IASMA Research and Innovation Center – Italy
13.45-14.00 Discussion
14.00-15.00 Networking lunch

15.00-15.25 How to deter birds effectively; Michał Skakuj PhD, Ekoaviation
15.25-15.50 Northern highbush blueberry breeding in Poland and around the world; prof. Stanisław Pluta PhD, Research Institute of Horticulture in Skierniewice
15.50-16.05 Micropropagation and its impact on blueberry culture; Tadeusz Kusibab, Horticulture Farm – Cracow
16.05-16.25 Promoting the start of the season. Goals and action proposal for the “July 1st” initiative; Maciej Dolata, INSPIRE smarter branding
16.25-16.50 Time is money! How to preserve quality during harvest and storage; Jarosław Bień, Mateusz Pilch – Polish Berry Cooperative
16.50-17.00 Discussion

Debate moderated by Dominika Kozarzewska
17.00-17.40 Seasonal workers
17.40-18.00 Discussion and closing remarks

 Program (3 March)

We shall meet outdoor on the second day of the Blueberry Conference. This time the meeting place is a historical plantation which belongs to Hanna and Jan Karwowscy. It is located in Piskórka (nearby Tarczyn). Plantation founded in the 80’s has already been partly liquidated, but still existing sectors will give the quests an opportunity to see how over 30 years old bushes look like. As usual, there will be a pruning show and equipment exhibition. Equipment which is so important and needed on all plantations.

Highbush Blueberry Conference 2017
Term: 2-3 March
Location: Ożarów Mazowiecki, Mazurkas Hotel ****
Admission: paid, after registration
Themes: blueberries storage, bran shaping, new pathogens of blueberry and others.
On the second day of event a trip to a blueberry plantation is arranged. Demonstration of pruning and equipment exhibition will be organized on the spot.
Participation in the conference: €60
Participation in the conference + dinner: €100

Accommodation at the hotel based on individual booking for password “Blueberry Conference”
MCC Mazurkas Conference Centre & Hotel
177 Poznanska Street
05-850 Ozarow Mazowiecki
NIP 118-202-55-54
T.: (+48 22) 721 47 47-49


Please register early!