Join us at the VI International Blueberry Conference 2018


International Blueberry Conference 2018
Term: 1-2 March
Location: Ożarów Mazowiecki, Mazurkas Hotel ****
Admission: paid, after registration
Themes: blueberries storage, bran shaping, new pathogens of blueberry and others.
On the second day of event a trip to a blueberry plantation is arranged. Demonstration of pruning and equipment exhibition will be organized on the spot.
Participation in the conference: €70
Participation in the conference + dinner: €130

Accommodation at the hotel based on individual booking for password “Blueberry Conference”
MCC Mazurkas Conference Centre & Hotel
177 Poznanska Street
05-850 Ozarow Mazowiecki
NIP 118-202-55-54
T.: (+48 22) 721 47 47-49


Programme of the 2018 Highbush Blueberry Conference

1st March:

9.00  Welcome to the 2018 Highbush Blueberry Conference

9.15 – 9.40 Practical experience in growing blueberries under covers (tunnels and rain sheds) – Paweł Wawryszczuk, Polana sp. z o.o.

9.40 – 9.55 Selected aspects of blueberry nutrition in stress conditions – Marek Konieczny, PhD, Yara Poland

9.55 – 10.20 A fresh view on a blueberry farm organization – Kazimierz Ścibisz, PhD, Warsaw University of Life Sciences

10.20 – 10.55 Growing blueberries in containers. Trends in Western Europe – Mariusz Padewski, Delphy

10.55 – 11.10 Discussion

11.10 – 11.40 Coffee break

11.40 – 12.05 Drosophila suzukii monitoring and control based on recent experience in Denmark – Helle Mathiasen, GartneriRådgivningen, Denmark

12.05 – 12.20 Protection of highbush blueberries against fungal diseases in the context of importers’ requirements – Krzysztof Krupa, Syngenta Poland

12.20 – 12.45 Blueberries fertilization based on practical experience – Paweł Krawiec, PhD, University of Natural Sciences in Lublin

12.45 – 13.00 Risk management in blueberry cultivation. Insurance solutions against weather hazards – Michael Lösche, Bernard Mycielski, Concordia Polska TUW

13.00 – 13.25 Understanding birds – Andrzej Kruszewicz, PhD, Municipal Zoological Garden in Warsaw

13.25 – 13.40 Discussion

13.40 -14.45 Lunch Break

14.45 -15.10 How are the requirements of the British market changing? Will Polish blueberries meet them? – Pawel Szczepanik – Winterwood Farms, United Kingdom

15.10 – 15.25 Sorting and packing technologies for blueberries to guarantee consistent quality over time  – Luca Montanari, Unitec, Italy

15.25 – 15.50 Employing workers after 1st January, 2018 – what do you need to know? – Daria Milewska, Karniol and Partners

15.50 -16. 15 Fruit picking organization. How to shorten the time and reduce the costs of picking fruit? – Mateusz Pilch, Polish Berry Cooperative

16.15 -16.40 World Day of Polish Blueberries – successful promotion of the industry, which everyone can benefit from – growers’ experience and plans of the Foundation for the Promotion of Polish Blueberries

16.40 -16.55 Discussion

16.55 -17.40 Debate – Can the development of blueberry culture in the world threaten Polish production?

2nd March

Outdoor meeting at a plantation: pruning demonstrations, machine shows, workshops related to setting up plantations.




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